Nutritional Therapy

At a Nutritional Therapy session, we will work together to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances, aiming to understand how these may be contributing to any symptoms or health concerns that you may have.  This approach will enable us to focus on addressing nutritional balance to help support your body and health.

Depending upon your individual health concerns and goals, and the pace at which you embed recommended diet and lifestyle changes, this process can take some time.  I therefore recommend a minimum of two consultations, consisting of the initial consultation and one follow up.  Clients with more complex health concerns may benefit from longer term support requiring additional consultations.

What to Expect

Prior to attending an initial Nutritional Therapy consultation, you will complete a questionnaire and diet diary and return this to me for review in preparation for your appointment. Your first consultation will last around 90 minutes during which time we will capture full details of your health history and lifestyle as well as discussing your goals. An appropriate and practical plan, based on your unique needs, personal circumstances and lifestyle, will then be agreed in order to support you in obtaining your health goals. Nutritional supplements and/or functional testing may be recommended if considered to be appropriate, but the focus will always be on dietary approaches.

Follow-up consultations lasting approx. 50 minutes are usually recommended about 6 weeks after the initial consultation.  This session will enable us to review your progress, agree any adjustments to the plan and discuss next steps.  For clients requiring more frequent support, a weekly 20 minute telephone or Skype session is available.

Make an appointment

To keep everyone safe given the current pandemic, your Nutritional Therapy consultation will take place either online (e.g., Skype) or via telephone, whichever suits you best.   If you are considering making an appointment, please contact me for an initial chat about what you would like to achieve through nutritional therapy – there is no charge for this discussion nor any obligation for you to commit to an appointment.  I can be contacted on 07754 186153 or at